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A good harness is essential and at Matos we have the highest quality kiteboarding harnesses. Everyone is different, so we always have a wide range of harnesses in stock. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the harnesses or spreader bars.

Windsurf FAQ

Matos Surf and Kite Shop has been founded in 1987 by Isa and Oli, who both started windsurfing at a very young age. With 35 years of experience in selling windsurf gear they are ready to help you find your perfect windsurf set.

What is windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a watersport where you have a sail on your surfboard and use the wind to ride on the water. It is a combination between surfing and sailing, and has been around since the 1970s. Windsurfing is using the different elements to go full speed over the water, ride waves and do big jumps. 

Is windsurfing hard?

Windsurfing is easy to learn, the first lesson you will be riding around on a big board with a small sail. Everyone from the whole family can learn to windsurf. In the beginning it’s really important to go with easy conditions, on flat water and with consistent wind. It is also really important to buy the right beginner windsurf gear when you are just getting started. 

What windsurf gear do you need?

To start windsurfing you’ll need a windsurf board, sail, boom, mast, mast foot, a windsurf harness, harness lines and a wetsuit. In the beginning we also recommend to wear a helmet. The right gear for you depends on your weight and level. When you are starting to windsurf you will need a bigger windsurf board with more volume and a small sail. Once you are more experienced you can start windsurfing with a smaller board, which has a lot more maneuverability. Depending on your riding style you can choose to go for a freestyle, wave or allround windsurf board. At Matos it is our main goal to help you choose the best windsurf gear for your level for the best price. 

How much wind do I need to windsurf?

The windsurf gear has changed and improved a lot over the past 50 years. Every part of the equipment has become lighter, smaller and more efficient. That’s why these days you can windsurf with a lot less wind. With the introduction of the hydrofoil, the light wind windsurfing has also reached a new level. Do you want to get the best light wind windsurfing equipment? At Matos we have all you need to windsurf in the lightest conditions possible. 

What windsurf brands do you sell at Matos?

At Matos we sell windurf gear from Fanatic, Duotone, JP, Naish and Tabou. 

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Do you prefer not to buy online? Next to an online shop we have a big windsurf shop in Brussels, Belgium, where you can check out and feel the windsurf gear and try out your wetsuits and apparel. Pass by the shop or get in touch for personal advise from our windsurf experts. Besides windsurf gear we sell kitesurf, SUP, wakeboard, wingsurf and foil gear from the best surf brands. 

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