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The latest and fast growing sport, find everything you need for wingsurfing at Matos.

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Wingsurfing is a new watersport. It’s easy, safe and for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience with other watersports, everyone can learn to wing. Finding the right gear is really important for your learning curve, so we from the Matos team are ready to help you out. We already answered some of the most asked questions and send us an email or give us a phone call if you need more information.

Wingsurf FAQ

Wingsurfen is still a very new sport. That’s why we answered some of the FAQ for you.

What do you need to wingsurf?

To wingsurf you need a wing and a board. Wingsurfen is possible with a snowboard, skateboard, sup and with a hydrofoil. Wingfoiling is the most popular sport, but it is also very good to learn how to wing with a SUP. On the water you also need a board leash and for some wings, like a model from Duotone, you’ll need a boom. Most wings come compete with wrist leash, but sometimes they’re sold separately. 

Do you need lessons to learn how to wingsurf?

You don’t need lessons to learn how to wing, but we do recommend people that have no experience with other watersports to take a lesson. During the lesson you’ll learn about the wind, which spots are suitable with which conditions and it will fasten the learning curve. There are also many good videos with useful tips online and it is great practice to fly the wing on the beach. 

What is a good spot to learn how to wingsurf?

A good spot to learn how to wingsurf or wingfoil has flat water with side shore to onshore wind. Lakes are usually very good because there’s no current or waves, but the wind can be more gusty which can make it a bit more challenging. 

Which wing do I need? 

Wings come in many different shapes and sizes/ The right wing depends on your level, riding style, home spot and weight. Some wings are specially designed for wave riding, others are more allround wings. With questions give us a call and isa or Oli will help you chose the perfect wing. 

What do I need for wingfoiling?

Besides a wing, you’ll need a board and complete foil for wingfoiling. A complete foil includes a mast, fuselage, front wing and back wing. The size depends on your level and weight, how bigger, how easier for the size of the board and frontwing of the foil. Next to a board leash, we also recommend to wear a helmet and impact vest while wingfoiling. 

Which wing brands do you sell?

At Matos we sell wingfoil gear from Duotone, Cabrinha, Fanatic, Ensis, Naish, Reedin and HB surf.

More questions?

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